Convoca: a los estudiantes de pregrado y posgrado de las diferentes Instituciones de Educación Superior a realzar una Estancia Académica con reconocimiento de créditos durante el periodo enero-junio de 2022

Convocatoria 2021

Estudiantes Visitantes

Opens the call for undergraduate students and graduate students from different Higher Education Institutions who want to participate in an online academic program with recognition of academic credits through the August-December 2021 period.

Call 2021

Academic Exchange for Visitor

To impulse the integral formation of students through the internationalization at home strategy via mobility in an online academic program through the next consortiums:

  • EMovis program from the InterAmerican University Organization (OUI): EMovies
  • Latin-American Academic Exchange Program (PILA Virtual)
  • University Mobility of Asia and the Pacific (UMAP)
  • Higher Education Institutions by agreements with UACJ
  • Latin American Universities (UDUAL)
  • Consortium for North America Higher Education Collaboration (CONAHEC)
  • Consortium for Higher Education Institutions of Chihuahua State (CIESPN)

Activity Period of August- December 2021
Deadline for students files reception May 14th, 2021
Start-End of classes August 2nd to November 20th, 2021
Final exams period November 22th to 26th, 2021
Induction meeting to the UACJ July 30th, 2021

  • Competitive Grade Point Average (8.5 GPA, according to the grading system in Mexico).
  • All applicants must have completed the first year of study at their home Institution.
  • Proof of Spanish proficiency.
  • Proof of English proficiency in case the requested classes are taught in that language.

  • Application form with a picture completed in computer. Appendix II
  • Nomination letter written to Yadira Isela Márquez González, MBA. Cooperation and International Office Deputy Head.
  • Transcript of courses/records signed and authorized by your home institution. Translated into Spanish.
  • Copy of Official Identification
  • Copy of passport
  • Statement of purpose, where the student provides an explanation with his interest for participating in the program– Translated into Spanish.
  • Current Curriculum Vitae – Translated into Spanish
  • An academic recommendation letter written by a professor from the home institution– Translated into Spanish.
  • Spanish language test score certificate (B1) for those whose language is different than Spanish.
  • English language test score certificate (B1), just in case certain classes are taught in this language.

  • Students’ nominations will be received by the national and international Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) from bilateral collaboration agreements and from collaboration consortiums with The UACJ.
  • A student will only be able to register for two classes or courses by academic session (period) in UACJ.
  • The UACJ will not charge the participant student with any cost related to registration, ID number, or academic certificates, according to the reciprocity among participant HEIs.
  • The participant students in the program must be registered in his home institution and without any academic conditions at the moment of participation at UACJ.
  • All the courses and activities that integrate the academic offer in the call will be 100% virtually and cannot imply in-person classes. This condition will also cover didactic materials and any other sources linked to offered courses or classes.
  • In case of choosing classes taught in English, the students must prove at least a B1 level

  • The home institution will have to send the student’s nomination files through the emails and in a single PDF file.
  • It is not necessary to send the documents through postal mail.

Call responable
Head of Division of Entailment and Academic Exchange Tania D. Hernández García
Deputy head of Cooperation and International Office Yadira I. Márquez González
Student Exchange Office José María Palacios Varela
Student Exchange Advisor Mayra Escárcega
Address Av. Plutarco Elías Calles 1210, Fracc. Fovissste Chamizal, C.P. 32310
Phone number 656-688-2100 Ext 2891 y 2695
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