Admission process

Admission process

School year


  august - december 2018​​

1. Log in to the registration page for the admission exam exam forms 

2. Once registered, print the payment receipt which may be paid in the Registers at the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juarez, Santander Bank. Payment can be done by: debit, credit and electronic transfer.​

3.- If you finished the registration correctly, you will be able to obtain the demo of the exam, so that you review the instructions.​

4.- After having made the payment of the exam, they must spend 2 business days to be able to print the entrance pass.​​

Note: In order to print the entrance pass, go back to the website

The following route will take you to the entrance pass:

Aspirants-registration- enter registered applicants, where you are asked again to put the CURP, which will take you to the registry and at the top, in the bar you will find that the entrance pass is enabled, enter and print it.

5.- This is a requirement for admission to your exam because it contains the following information:

A) Admision exam number.

B) Name of the applicant.

C) Name of the academic program selected.

D) Venue where the exam will be presented.

E) Address, date and time where you will take your exam.

F) Guidelines.

G) Programs that require additional evaluations.​​

6.- To take the entrance exam, you must present at the venue and date shown on the entrance pass, it is important that you read it, so you do not have any inconvenience to apply your exam.







Casas Grandes

june 6th

june 6th​​​​


7.- Requirements for the presentation of the exam:

       · Entry pass.

       · Pencil or Pen

       · ID with Photograph​​

       · No mobile devices (Cellular, tablets, etc.).

       · No backpacks or bags of any size.

       · No folders, portfolios, folders, caps, hats, helmets, sunglasses.

       · No food or drinks.

       · No electronic devices.

       · No calculators of any kind.​

On the day of the exam the photograph will be taken, if it is accepted as a student, this photograph will be used for your credential and any official paperwork within the University.

8.- For the generation of enrollment, only the list of applicants who were accepted and fulfilled the indicated requirements will be considered exclusively.

Costs and places of payment

Cost of admission examination sheet:

Applicant of Mexican nationality 700.00 M.N.

Applicant of foreign nationality 1,100.00 M.N.

Participating banks

Banco Santander in all branches of the Mexican Republic.

Attention to the public from Monday to Friday with 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Check the following link to locate the address of the branches that work on Saturday.

You can make the payment online.

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